Rap Beats Vol. 1

Label: Brainfeeder
Release Date: May-06-2008

Major new school beat business from LA-by-way-of-Michigan's Samiyam. Like his Brainfeeder Crew homies Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Ras G, etc. Samiyam goes for that heavy slump and chop style of beat production, with a myriad of seemingly on-the-fly beat sketches to melt your brain with. Rap Beats Vol. 1 features 23 of said beats, ranging from the very stoney to fucked up out-of-your mind calibre - all which will get your head nodding (or swaying) uncontrollably for sure. Check the ill swag on "Floatation Device," the introspective stomp on "27" and "Once Love," the mean slumper funk on "Ghost Ride The Bike" and "It's Important," and the lo-fi bounce and shuffle on "Carnival Food" and "Rooftop." Necessary listening for anyone keeping up with the new beat scene.

1. Super Chronzio Bros. 2
2. 1984
3. 27
4. Floatation Device
5. Flying Slap
6. Ghost Ride the Bike (Pull Up, Hop Out)
7. It's Important
8. Lookin'
9. Mental Violence
10. One Love
11. Polka Bots
12. Quesadilla
13. Roadrage
14. Segue
15. Snake Cola
16. Wrap Up
17. Carnival Food
18. Cloudy
19. Rooftop
20. Sideways
21. Streetlights
22. Sunrise
23. Untitled

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