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Label: Red Rocket
Catalog: RRE-001
Track Listing

1. Beautiful Ugly Sound
2. John Wayne On Acid
3. Hamburgers And Chocolate Ice Cream
4. Won't You Be My Neighbor
5. The Murder Faktory
6. Charlie's An Angel
7. Diabolikal
8. Smorgasborg Of Sodomy
9. Like That Chall
10. F.U.P.M.
11. Portal Stalker
12. Felonious Funk
13. Know Your Dope Fiend
14. Terror In Dub
15. Clifford's Mustache
16. Your Favorite DJ
17. Flowtation Device
18. Size D Batteries
19. Mr. Arrogant


All music composed, produced and scratched by D-Styles for Soular Sleuth Music Publishing. All songs recorded at The Shit Palace from 1997-2001. Mixed by Daddy Kev and D-Styles at the Echo Chamber. Mastered by Kenneth Lee Mastering. Artwork by Saber AWR MSK.

"Felonious Funk" features (in order of appearance): Melo-D ("Oh My God"), Babu ("Say What"), D-Styles ("It's Fresh"), and Q-Bert (Beep-Ahhh). "F.U.P.M." features additional bass played by Extrakd. "Clifford's Mustache" features Q-Bert (1st "Oh No" to "Splash" to 2nd "Oh No") and D-Styles (3rd "Oh No" to "Splash" to 4th "Oh No").

Q-Bert appears courtesy of Galactic Butthair Records. Melo-D appears courtesy of Beat Junkie Sound. Extrakd appears courtesy of Gonnerville Records.

Equipment used to create this album: Vestax 05-Pro mixer, Vestax PDX-2000 turntables, Shure M447 needles, Roland RE-201 Space Echo.
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