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Label: Alpha Pup
Catalog: APR-008
Track Listing

1. Tension and Release (The Journey to Fuga)
2. Harder Than Hard, Softer Than Soft (The Line Between Yin and Yang)
3. 4004
4. Too Fresh For Words
5. Do You See The Pattern?
6. I'm Glad You See Now (One Tree Does Not Make A Forrest)
7. Hetytirelasitshiswalalamedm-
forecrosrdndartscahcgni (Nessun Regole)
8. We'll Miss You
9. Life At Once


Written, Composed and Arranged by Ricci Rucker

Personnel: [a] Vincenzo Janofsky - Cello [b] Waylon Chamble - Trumpet [c] Erik Mair - Trumpet [d] Clayton Fils - Trumpet [e] Otis Brumback - Drums [f] Hugo Savin - Drums [g] Renaldo Gonsalues - Percussion [h] Guy Cuneo - Percussion [i] Milan Felzien - Percussion, Washboard [j] Fernando Oler - Percussion [k] Rolland Chari - Rhodes, Organ [l] Lonnie Gholson - Organ, Piano [m] Sid Bargeron - Contra Bass [n] Lonny Denier - Stand-up Bass [o] Max Gu - Guitar [p] Boyce Artibee - Saxaphone [q] Elisha Hirose - Violin [r] Kirby Mandley - Flute [s] Elden Marcotrigiano - Vibraphone [t] Cortez Imus - Jawharp [u] Michal Opula - Tablas [v] Ricci Rucker - Turntables, Tapes, Feedback Loops, Effects, Basslines, Turntable Percussion, Turntable Strings
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Liner Notes

"The process I decided to use was a combination of live playing, programming, and scratching. The way I originally composed the music was from sampling bits and pieces from random records and making the skeleton to the whole album. I then took my compositions to the live musicians to play the main chords and melodies of my pre-recorded songs, and had them improvise even more. Percussion and drums were added live, then arranged. This left me with an interpretation of my original song, and a lot more material to play with. After I had all of the sounds recorded (using vintage recording equipment, thanks Jim), I pressed all of the sounds back to vinyl so they could be scratched, programmed, and arranged from the vinyl, hence the vinyl sound throughout the album. Fuga was the result. A hybrid jazz composition where I blur the lines between live, programmed, and scratch music. All playing styles coming together as one."