Ras G

Ras G guides a deep space exploration of music's ancient history and rich future. Working thru obsolete tools to reach back in time and pluck out the essence of groove, Ras G's music is rich with space-funktified rhythms, fog horns, natty chattin, subterranean bass lines, colossal percussion and glorious highs.

Ras G has been a fixture on the underground hip-hop scene in Los Angeles since the early '90s. He is a proud South Central resident. Ras along with Black Monk and Ron Stivers are the founders of the Poo-Bah record label.

This is the music that people will be playing in the ghettos of Mars in the year 3014. He has released a slew of albums and EPs for Poo-Bah that have garnered him a devout following from Japan to the Netherlands. And since being inducted into FlyLo's L.A.-based artist collective/label Brainfeeder, which Ras G dubs "the X-Men of future music," it's apparent that he's bound for the exosphere.

"Everybody loves Brotha From Anotha Planet, but that's something I did last year in the summertime in my kitchen," he reveals about the creation of his latest album. "So the vibes of that kitchen were recorded on that project." And though Ras G has enough recorded material for two full-length releases, he's wary of predicting what vibes his next album will transmit. "Ain't no telling where we're going with this music. The inspiration changes quickly -- that's the Afrikan Space Program. We just do it."


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(photo: Theo Jemison)

Appears On

Ras G
Brotha From Anotha Planet
Ras G
El-Aylien Part 1
(Leaving Records)
Ras G & The Alkebulan Space Program
Space Base Is The Place
(Poobah Records)
Ras G
Back On the Planet